Requirements for a German Visa application

There are certain documents that you must submit to the German Embassy or Consulate in your home country while applying for a German visa. You have to gather all these documents before booking an appointment. Apply for a Schengen Visa at a German Embassy or Consulate if Germany is your first port of entry in the Schengen Area.

The list of documents required for all types of German visa is explained herein. Therefore, the list of required documents for each particular visa has these general documents and other specific documents for that type of visa. Follow the links to read the more specific requirements for each of these documents.

IMPORTANT: Know the application process for a German visa

Filled and signed application form

This is usually the first thing to do. Fill the form with detailed and truthful information about yourself and the purpose of travel to Germany. It is recommended to fill the form with uppercase letters. Download the application form. Thereafter, make two copies of the form. Sign both copies.

You must submit your documents in person if it is your first time applying for a Schengen Visa. However, it is not your first time, then you can submit your application via mail.

Valid passport

An acceptable passport must be less than 10 years old. Also, it must be for 3 months after the intended day to leave Germany.

Copy of passport data page

Make a copy of your passport’s data page. The copy must show clearly your name, date of birth and passport expiration date. This copy must be on A4 size paper. Also, it can be in white and black or colour.

Passport-sized photographs

Provide two passport-sized photographs of yourself. These photographs must meet the German photo requirements.

Travel Health Insurance

It is obligatory to obtain Health insurance that will cover your health expenses for the entire stay in Germany.

Bank Statement

Your bank statement shows whether or not you are capable of taking care of yourself in Germany. The bank statement must show transactions in the account for the last 3 months.


This is any document which shows that you have a place to stay while in Germany. Book hotels in Germany, and submit the confirmation with the other documents.

Provide identification documents of your host if you will be staying with a family member or relative.

Flight Itinerary

Book your flight and add the confirmation to your application. The flight itinerary shows your intended departure to and returns from Germany.

Minor Children

  • Original birth certificates
  • The consent of parents if the child is travelling alone, or with a third party, or one parent. This is done by both parents signing the application forms.

Other required documents

  • For a student visa, you have to hand all the aforementioned documents. Also, you have to submit
  • For Employment in Germany, you must provide:
    • An employment contract
    • A letter from the employer providing details of your job. For instance, job position, the period of employment, nature of the job and expected departure date.
  • For a business trip or conference. In this case, you will have to submit:
    • An invitation letter from a German company or institution. Also, the letter must explain your purpose in Germany.

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